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If you could be given the information and tools to shift from a place of confusion and powerlessness to a place of clarity and empowerment! How would your relationships with yourself and others be transformed?

What would that be worth?

Learning about gaslighting has been the singularly most impactful thing I’ve discovered on my journey thus far; the thing that has brought the greatest clarity , had the biggest effect on being able to trust my gut and intuition, connected me to my truth and my voice, and allowed me to step into my place of authentic power; the thing that has transformed my relationships with myself and all my people. This is the clarity, empowerment, and trust in yourself that you can achieve, too! Won’t you join me in TRANSFORMING YOUR RELATIONSHIPS,today!

There is a lot of discussion online about Gaslighting these days – blogs, articles, etc. Unfortunately, it’s almost always only discussed when gaslighting is being experienced as a form of emotional and psychological abuse – this is an incomplete understanding of a very complex and nuanced topic. While this is the case for many of my clients, the often misunderstood and over-simplified representations keep people in places of unmet needs, confusion, and in the worst of circumstances – in emotionally and psychologically abusive relationships.

So, what IS GASLIGHTING? Watch my short video here to hear how I explain it:

Experiencing gaslighting in our relationships can cause us to lose ourselves; often feeling like we’re in a “fog”, we live life from a place where we no longer trust ourselves or our perceptions. We feel anxious, struggle with poor memory, find it difficult to stick to our convictions, and often end up feeling depressed.

To truly transform your relationships, you need more than just information! You need the information that matters! Even more, you need the coaching support that will help you implement that information and create the transformation you yearn for. That’s what you get when I set my brain to your unique situation. Invest in yourself and the transformation of your relationships with one of my three packages today!

Testimonials of Transformation:

“I thought I had a pretty good handle on the subject and didn’t expect to learn much more. Was I ever wrong. What I thought I knew about gaslighting was only a drop in the bucket. Her class was very informative and practical with examples, role playing, and opportunities to apply what we were learning to our real life situations in a safe group with feedback and encouragement. I would encourage you to take the gaslighting class and begin to leave the “fog” behind. Knowledge is power. ”


“Sarah’s gaslighting course is enlightening, to say the least! I thought I had and idea of what gaslighting was before starting. However, now I actually am informed and have strategies to deal with these situations, and most of all, I am in possession of the best tool I didn’t even know I had: I can opt out!
Sarah helped me to see clearly through what was a confusing web of… well, even more webs. To start seeing clearly and know my truth is empowering beyond words. To have tools to maintain my truth, priceless. If you are debating on taking this course, I recommend it 100%!”


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