Values Coaching


What’s SO Important About Values?

One of the things that kept me stuck for a long time in a place of turmoil was a colossal conflict between two of the most important values I held at the time. It was my work around digging into what those values really meant to me — how I defined them, prioritized them, and lived them out — that helped me move out of being stuck, and into the life changing decisions that have brought me to a place of greater fulfillment than I have ever known.

What was especially eye opening for me was discovering my values and realizing that while I wanted them all to be able to coexist in perfect harmony, they couldn’t. Several were in conflict, and not addressing the conflict was leaving me feeling uneasy or even stuck. When Sarah explained the values conflicts and that at times one value may have to outweigh or out prioritize another, it validated the tension that I was feeling; it helped me simplify my core values and move forward in confidence and peace.

I’ve been able to use this principle again when I’m wrestling with decisions or trying to make sense of why I am uncomfortable about a situation – I look back on my values and try to see which may be in conflict.

— a.c.

What Will You Learn?

My values course was designed to be an in-depth study of your values; to explore the foundation of your values and establish a self-awareness that can be used to build a solid connection to the values that guide you, setting you up to experience the fulfillment that comes from living congruently with your core values.


  • Understand what values are and are not, and why they are more important than your feelings or goals.

  • Insight into what makes you uniquely you; your temperament, communication style, natural strengths, and passions.

  • Identification of your core values, and how to use them as your “True North”.

  • The ability to recognize when your values are in conflict or have been lost.

  • Knowledge of tools you can use to deal with the conflicts/losses.

  • An ability to assess how fully you are living out your values, and identify concrete steps to living out your values at a “10”.

  • Connection with your “Future Self” in an inspiring, life-changing way.

The Values Coaching Experience

Individual Sessions

This experience is for the person who prefers the focus, attention, and flexibility that the one on one experience affords. I can accommodate your calendar and take you through the material in individual sessions via a webinar format.

Sessions are 60 minutes, $100 per session

(6 sessions total, 1 per week)


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